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Watch for for new poker games like Team Play and Host Play!

Poker Ideas

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Not Free Dex Poker announces Monthly Gift Certificates

We are excited to announce the start of Team Play in the league. Below please find the link for current leaderboard, team profiles, and general information on how it all works. The team that wins will receive a $100 movie gift card. Starting Soon..... HOST PLAY!

 Click Here Now and Go To The Main Site at - Team Play

There will be 2 tournaments played between the 2 teams scheduled. Both matches will be played within one night at the same venue. The scoring system used is a special one for team play, used to determine a winner. This is different from the league points, which will be scored at "Level 2" single points for playing 2 tournaments.

The determining factor for the winning team is as follows:
Best TOTAL score for the 2 matches will be the winning team. For more info please follow the TEAM PLAY link above.

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